Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Three Canadian Hegelians

Robert C. Sibley's Northern Spirits: John Watson, George Grant, and Charles Taylor: appropriations of Hegelian political thought  (McGill-Queen’s:  UP,  2008) clearly deserves a mention here given the general theme of this blog. At present this is based on publicly available information.  
Of the subjects, John Watson was a pupil of Glasgow and Oxford Professor Edward Caird and a prolific and insightful author across a range of philosophical themes, including history of philosophy.  As far as I know, Grant is a more Canadian figure; whilst Charles Taylor has an international reputation for his modifications of a more or less liberal standpoint, as well as for his monumental commentary on Hegel (1975).
The author of this study, Robert Sibley, is a Canadian journalist and focuses on the public impact of his subjects' work.  There are currently fairly cheap paperback copies available.  Anyone with more information please feel free to comment.